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Long Term Rentals

Apartment community living is not for everyone. However many of us, for an array of reasons, find it more fitting to lease a property instead of buying. Weather you are a student, retiree, local or a visitor, we can find the right property for you.

Long-term leases can be secured for any period of time greater than six months and one day. There are many properties available for long-term leasing with all of the amenities you may be looking for. Condominiums, Townhomes and Single family Homes are all available to rent.

Long-term rentals are an outstanding way to determine if a particular community is of interest to you and can allow you to relocate at a moments notice for that job offer you have been waiting for without making the commitment to a mortgage.

With the recent financial crisis, many of us find ourselves in a position of needing to rent again until the opportunity to buy becomes an option again. Our property owners are sensitive to current market conditions.

If Très Bonne Property Investment & Management Services does not have the property you are looking for in our current portfolio, we can still help you though our Relocation Services.

Contact us today with questions or to be alerted with our upcoming rental availability!

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