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For some property owners, while full service property management seems to more than one might need, tenant placement is simply not enough. Procuring Très Bonne Rental Services in an outstanding alternative to satisfy this middle-of-the-road predicament. Rental Services is any combination of property management related services.

Rent collection is one of the many services, which falls under the umbrella of rental services. Rent collection can be an arduous task for many property owners. Moreover, to have a third party in the position of collecting the rent deters attempts by the tenant to negotiate late payments or any other attempts of manipulation that we see too often in the world of property management.

Très Bonne offers their tenants a convenient way to pay their rent in full and on time each month either via mail, or online using check or credit card. Having these options available to tenants creates a convenience which works to the benefit of the owner as the tenant is more likely to pay their rent in a timely fashion and less likely to have insufficient funds. Many owners find that the time and inconvenience associated with rental collection, late payments, and nsf issues are far more costly than the value of hiring a qualified organization to handle their rent.

Other rental services include tenant placement in addition to various other a-la-carte management services to fit your needs such as move-in inspections, move-out inspections, contractor and cleaning coordination/service calls.

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