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Tenant Placement

Many local owners with the time and means to manage the property on their own prefer the tenant placement avenue as it allows them to secure a qualified tenant while reducing as much risk as possible, as one can achieve as a landlord.

Très Bonne works to secure a tenant through multiple avenues of advertisement and shows the property on your behalf. Once a prospective tenant decides on your property, we then begin the screening process. The screening process includes verification of rental history, history of employment, income verification, and a full background check. The background check includes credit, criminal, and eviction history. While Très Bonne cannot give you a copy of the background check, we can share with you the overview of the results, which are more than ample to make a qualified decision.

Très Bonne collects the agreed upon deposit, rent and any other additional fees. We will handle the lease signing, if you so choose, or coordinate signing and turn the keys over to the tenant for you, basically putting you in the driver’s seat. Très Bonne then disburses a check to you of your proceeds less the charges for our services, or we can deposit it in your bank account for you, as we do for many of our clients. You are then provided with a neat and clean copy of all that was completed such as reference checks, application and lease for your records.

Property management can be a time consuming challenge, however, finding an awesome tenant makes the task much more manageable and we recognize at Très Bonne that many of our clients aren't up for it. We welcome the opportunity to bring you the most qualified tenant. At Très Bonne, we are Very Good at recognizing which advertising techniques work best in which areas and utilize a wealth of resources to secure tenants for short-term and long term rentals.

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